Traditional merchandise national flag badges have been reimagined with new creativity, focusing on intricate details such as the semicircular sphere atop the flagpole and the semicircular column shape of the flagpole. Differentiating from the flat designs commonly found in the market, these badges incorporate the essence of a flying national flag. Furthermore, the badges are crafted using high-temperature melted zinc alloy injection molding, boasting both exquisite texture and lightweight convenience for an elegant appearance when worn.

“Introduction to Various Badge Crafting Techniques”
Badges are a classic form of commemorative items and gifts that can be used to symbolize the identity of a group or an individual. There are many different crafting techniques for making badges. Below, we will introduce several commonly used methods of production.

SUNLEO offers a variety of championship trophies, medals, and badges with the philosophy of “transforming emotions into images.” Sunleo is a Japanese company specialized in manufacturing commemorative items such as medals, trophies, and badges. They provide a range of diverse products and design options, using high-quality materials to create their medals.

We are the authorized distributor of the SUNLEO (サンレオ) series, providing a diverse range of award and recognition products. SUNLEO, a renowned Japanese company with a century-long legacy, specializes in manufacturing a variety of awards including medals, trophies, and badges. Our products are suitable for fulfilling all your business awarding requirements and can be used for sports events, school activities, corporate functions, and more. Customization options are available, allowing you to imprint company names, logos, award titles, and other details.

keychain, golf ball marker, bag hook, lapel pin, cufflinks, phone ring holder, golf cap clip, pen-shaped badge, bookmark…

phone ring holder, phone case, fur ball strap for phone, detachable phone/wallet case lanyard, mini injection molded charm, airbag phone stand, phone holder…

small injection molded products, mobile accessories, lanyards, innovative silicone, Polly plastic molded figurines, EasyCard-related products…

TPU card holder, aluminum card holder, pocket sticky notes…

national flag badge, ceramic coaster, diatomaceous earth coaster, bottle opener, mirrored acrylic badge, cork magnet, folding mirror, acrylic accessories…



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